Sunday, April 3, 2011

Featured Artist: Girlyfied Gear

Shera Simon is the designer and owner of Girlyfied Gear. In her own words...I spent my childhood in the beautiful deep south and later moved to the artistically glorious Philadelphia, PA. That makes me a southern lady at heart and a city gal in practice. My work truly represents me, my background, my surroundings, and my influences. I believe all girlyfied girls from Japanese geishas to Victorian princesses to Rock and Roll mamas should live on in our wardrobes!

I started creating things because I never saw my ideas of style and beauty reflected in retail stores. I never saw models that weren't paper thin. I never saw femininity played up and not over-produced. I never saw the line were modest yet sexy intersected. So, I began to sew in high school. I took a clothing design course and made both my prom and winter formal dresses that year. They were amazing. No one had anything like it and I was teased mercilessly for having not shopped at the mall like everyone else and had avoided the repeated faux pas of someone else wearing the same dress. A designer was born in that moment!

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