Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Featured Artist: Manor House Creations & Ellie's Attic

Mike and Wilder Scott-Straight

It all started when Mike broke one of Wilder’s favorite plates from 1903, an idea formed and the rest is history. Mike searches junk shops, flea markets and beyond for discarded vintage and antique plates to bring a new life to in his jewelry.

He’s especially interested in nautical themes, and loves it when he can get the perfect cut for a schooner or frigate! “If you look around our house it’s bursting with ships, and historical memorabilia.

“I love it that I can incorporate my love of history into my art,” Mike says.

Wilder also loves all things historical, from a fashion sense. “I love a little person retro look.

I hate the “adult” look of children’s clothes these days. I think kids should have fun comfortable clothes, that they can get dirty and still look really cool in”

Her daughter approves all the patches before hand. “She likes the “babydolls” the Matryoshka doll, and of course the owl and the pussycat in the boat!”

Wilder hand makes skirts, and upcycled sweater pants, and embellishes gently used baby and kid’s clothes with whimsical patches.

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