Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GO WEST! Featured Performer: tinycircus: presented by tangle

Photo courtesy of Tangle & Anne Saint Peter
We're thrilled to welcome back tinycircus, Tangle Movement Arts' eight-woman circus arts company. Tangle's full-length shows like You Don't Say (2012 Philly Fringe) blend traditional circus disciplines like trapeze, aerial silks, and acrobatics with music, drama, and spoken word. Tangle’s outreach program, “tinycircus,” offers wonderful free public showcases, an aerialist extravaganza! Tangle members have studied performance and trained circus arts at schools from around the world to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts in Germantown, Philadelphia.

 photo courtesy of Tangle & Maura Kirk
 “Acrobatics is a radical way to feel free and strong in your own body; we want everyone to know they have that chance,” says Tangle's Lauren Smith, whose goal is to entertain and educate. Through “tinycircus,” Tangle hopes to grow a West Philadelphia acrobatic community for people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. We can't wait!!

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