Friday, September 6, 2013

Checklist for GO WEST! Craft Fest

Fall has returned although it's hard to know it with the beautiful summery weather  that has been happening. Tomorrow is no different, the forecast looks gorgeous for spending a day at the Craft Fest. Here are some things to remember that might help make the most of your day at GO WEST! Craft Fest at The Woodlands.
  • SEPTA tokens. The Fest is right across from the 40th Street trolley portal, served by the 12, 13, 34 and 36 trolleys. Hop on any westbound "Green Line" subway/surface car from Center City (EXCEPT the 10) and arrive in minutes. While there is limited parking along the road through the Woodlands we recommend getting there by alternate means. If you do drive please don’t park in front of the Festival, parking is allowed farther along the path.
  • Comfortable shoes. While the Fest is conveniently close to the entrance, visitors may choose to explore farther into the 54-acre grounds. Featuring the Hamilton Mansion, a grand example of 18th century neoclassical architecture.William Hamilton, an avid botanist, collected and planted dozens of various trees on the estate, many of which are now some of our nation's oldest and largest specimens, thriving among the monuments for over 30 thousand eternal Philadelphians. Stroll the winding paths and see for yourself. There will be tours of the landscape, check in with The Woodlands table at the front entrance.
  • Your Gift List. Our talented vendors make a huge variety of products, like jewelry, clothing, accessories, fine art, cards, toys, candles, teas and more. Keep in mind your loved ones' birthdays, weddings, and of course it's never too early to start Holiday Shopping. Your unique GO WEST! gift will be fondly remembered because it was made with love and care by a local artisan.
  • Cash. Although some of our vendors do accept credit cards, not all do and there is a good chance that the irresistible treasure you discovered may not be seen again (even at VIX).  Also did you know when you pay by credit card to a small business they’re losing valuable dollars per transaction to a huge credit card company? We’re happy to take  your cards, but we like cash much better. The closest ATM is at Mill Creek Tavern, 4200 Chester Avenue.
  • A Blanket for a Picnic Lunch . The Woodlands is a perfect place for a picnic, Black Orchid will have vegan sandwiches and mac & cheese for the kids, Taco Angeleno will be debuting all manner of Mexican style tacos, Axsum will feature middle eastern goodies & The Satellite CafĂ© will be there for all of your coffee needs.
  • Your Sweet Tooth, with gourmet popsicles from the Lil Pop Shop and Weckerleys Ice Cream it will be hard not to resist something, not to mention vegan treats from The Satellite Cafe!
  •  A child, who will have tons of fun singing and playing music with  Ann from the Green Tambourine. They'll be mesmerized by fancy juggling tricks and hula hoopers and get their face painted by the West Philly Coop School and do free arts and crafts courtesy of the UC Arts League & Neighborhood Bike Works.
  • A camera, to capture memories of a lovely autumn day, the falling leaves, historic monuments, and the dazzling tricks jugglers & hoopers will perform at 3pm!
  • Your senses of curiosity, creativity and wonder, and enough time to experience the day. 

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