Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring is coming -- Be an Early Bird!

Spring is coming. Really, truly it is. Even if we get more snow (of all things) this weekend, spring is inevitable. I am SO ready, how about you?

This photo of bird tracks in the snow was taken this week at The Woodlands. Perhaps a robin made them.

In just a few more weeks, things like this will be happening in the same spot.

I don't see any snow at all in that picture. Those are actual Philadelphian children, without a single parka, muffler or mitten, frolicking in a verdant green field, with pink cherry blossoms under their feet. Bare feet! That looks like fun. They are having fun at Go West Craft Fest 2012! It's Spring!

Go West will be happening there again on May 3. The grass will be green, children will be frolicking, craft vendors will be vending crafts, food vendors will be selling delicious food and ICE CREAM! That you will want to eat while spending time outdoors! And acrobats! And live music! And it will be spring. I promise.

We hope that lots of people come out to West Philly for these springtime festivities. We are getting some great help spreading the word about it. In fact, the wonderful GRID Magazine is doing a huge feature about the Fest in their May issue. It's a 16-page insert, a complete guide to the Fest, with listings of all the vendors and performers, some highlighted Fest participants, and other projects at the Woodlands. We are immensely grateful for this opportunity to share Go West Craft Fest with GRID's 25,000 readers all over the region, who are passionate about supporting small, local businesses and independent makers.

If you have a local business or organization, please consider placing an ad in GRID's guide to Go West Craft Fest. If you know one who'd be perfect for it, please let them know. Early birds get a special rate until March 14. Here are all the details.

We can't wait for it to be Spring, but were getting ready! Stay tuned for the complete list of vendors, over 120 this time...

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