Vendor List Fall 2014

Accent Aroma 
Toni Cobb
handcrafted beauty products

Adorned by Aisha

Aisha Loeks
Resin roses, cameos and lace jewelry

Anna Benjamin

original prints & patterns on useful items

As the Crow Flies & Co

Mike & Wilder Scott-Straight
jewelry from vintage china & retro children's clothes, new & upcycled


Meredith Greimel
handknit scarves, jewelry & succulent arrangements

Bee Vintage Redux

Heather Bryer
upcycled vintage jewelry, accessories, & home goods


Sharon Gunther
Hammocks & Photographic Lanterns

Beidler Pottery

Ken Beidler      
stoneware pottery

Black Heart Letterpress

Joseph Rose
letterpress cards & coasters

Blue Calendula Room

Geraldine Lavin
herbal bodycare  

Bluebird and Snow 

Kelsey Salvesen 
blue and white painted ceramics & baby goods

Bog Berry Dryer Balls & Ember Handcraft 

Brooke Petry & Jason Sebok
organic felted dryer balls & carved wooden tableware

Bonnie Lasses

Bonnie MacAllister
fiber arts 

Breanna Whetzel

hand knit accessories

Broadbent Pottery

Jane Broadbent
functional ceramics 

Chicory Florals

Erica Maust & Andrew Olson
local fresh flowers from  Farm 51

Crescent Ceramics

Anne-Marie Gincley
functional ceramics


delicate ink on wood and paper 

Dear Adelaide Design

Rachel Allison
hand drawn cards & stationary

design theory

Kaytie Johnson
bold jewelry

DMae Clothing

Naimah Holmes
limited addition wearable art

Do It Now T-Shirts

Matthew Charles
screenprinted tees, hats & accessories

Eighty5 Apparel

Toni Gilliard
crochet hats & accessories 

Emaline Designs

Emily Henrie
unique jewelry


Justin Arawjo & Joelle Workman
t-shirts, prints & jewelry

Fine Arts Dept.

Aron Weber 
buttons, magnets & photography

Flaming Idols
Robin Markle
altar candles of LGBT idols

Flying Groundhog

Drew Falchetta
illustrated greeting cards and jewelry

Foxglove Factory

Julie Raboczi

Frosted Treats Handmade

Jessica Mount
inedible jewelry

Gaia Dahling 

Gaia Green LH

Garlic Harvest Studio

Anna Lehr Mueser

go. lightly designs

Jesse Newcomb
bike tire jewelry

Gourmet Candle

Emerald Hill
almost edible candles


Harmony Thompson


Ashley Peel Pinkham
bold, beaded jewelry

Katie VanVliet


Laura K. Murdoch

handmade prints of nature and wildlife

Le Puppet Regime

Genevieve Geer
painted glass puppets


Linda Ruggiero
ceramic buttons


Ginger Metzger
tiny crochet lace earrings 

LoungeLizZard Designs

Liz Zimmerman

Manic Muse

Rhoda Crawford
steampunk jewelry & cards

Material Poetry

Dana Davis

Matt's Tribal Jewelry

Matt Moskal

Melinda's twist and turns crochet

Melinda Cooper

Michele Judge Jewelry


Michele Sky Jewelry

Michelle Molesky
sterling & gemstone jewelry

Mike Sgier


Mud & Maker 

Ryan Zajac & Stephanie Premich
handcrafted pottery and wood goods 

Nana Pat Project

Rebecca Crouse  


Natasha Sapershteyn
vintage fabric necklaces
Old Blood Designs
Morgan Jamison
bold adornments

olive + bo

Lori Thomson
modern baby toys and quilts

Olliver Lifestyle

Joshua Niemet & Scotty Niemet
soy candles

Philly Loves Lacquer

Esther Fox
crulty-free vegan nail polish

Pink Hammers

Jenna Derhammer & Ralph Stollenwerk
baby punk goods

Priya Means Love

Priya Narasimhan
all-natural body & hair products

Precious Meshes

Emily Dorn
wire crochet & bird's nest jewelry

Rainbow Feather 

Rachel Pfeffer
screenprint tshirts & art

Real Fruit Jewelry

Zoe Einbinder
jewelry made from real fruit

Red Windmill and Miki

Stacie Bumgarner and Miki Palchick
ceramics & etchings

Saffron Creations

Devin McNutt
upcycled tin jewelry 

Sarah Gwen Yeung

handbound books

Sassy Smidgens

Vanessa Dugandzic 
baby accessories

SAWTOOTH Jewelry & Curio 

Stephanie Whitney

Selah Jewelry Design

Kathleen Eastwood


Kathy Revelle
messenger bags


Barb Thompson
silverware jewelry

silent H seams

Laura Hricko
hand dyed babygoods

Stanley Chester & Albert

Bethany Rusen
Small ceramics


KellyAnne Mifflin
jewelry and aeriums  

Surprise Designs

Leslie Tucker

Suzanne Francis Artwork

prints and painting of Philadelphia

Sweet Charity-Crafts for a Cause

Monica Allison
knit & crochet home goods and accessories 

Sweet Elysium

Maureen & Grace Antonini
Soy & essential oil candles in vintage glass 

Sweet Mama Lew

Elissa Kara
ceramics, baby accessories, crochet

Tamme Handbags

Tamme McClelland
bags & pillows in fun prints

Telegraphic Tree

Molly Landergan
organic tea blends

The Golden Hen

Lindsy Stevenson
golden animal paintings

The Patchriarchy

Katy Hanson
patches to sew 

the revival clothing

jennifer joseph
upcycled clothing

The Shabby Chic Garden

Marie and Peter Lysionek
silverware windchimes

Tooth of the Lion Apothecary

Katelyn Melvin
wildcrafted tinctures, balms & salves

Torie Senseny

art dolls

The Urban Cabin Soap Co. 
Evan Dormont
vegan, cold process soaps

Us & We Art

Joey Hartmann-Dow
illustrated cards & prints

Useful & Beautiful

Karen Heenan
homegoods & children's clothing


Marsha Goldblatt
one of a kind jewelry from vintage elements

Virre Li Design

Lena Veronica Lindefelt
handknit accessories and clothing

VIX Emporium

"West Philly" screenprinted apparel, assorted handmade gifts from the shop's collection

Weeds and Seeds Teas

Traci Childress
herbal teas

The Whitman Fox
Candice Jeffries
prints on wood, jewelry

Wise Owl Shop

Ashleigh Loeffler
upcycled clothing

Woodlands Apiary
Leslie Weitz & Andy Upright
super local honey

Wrong World Ceramics

Chase Brown
ceramics, flasks

Children's Activities

Philly Free School
Democratic learning for ages 4 - 18
Free kids craft

University City Arts League
Providing instruction in various art forms since 1965
Free kids craft

Delicious local food by:

Aksum Mediterranean Kitchen

"Feast of the Middle East"

Black Orchid Foods

Vegetarian delicacies

The Lil' Pop Shop 

Gourmet artisan popsicles

Taco Angeleno

LA-style tacos

The Satellite Cafe

coffee & baked goods

Weckerly's Ice Cream

Small batch French-style ice cream

Performances by (more TBA!) 

All Around This World 
international children's music with Jay Sand

The Green Tambourine
Music instruction and play with Ann Schwartz


All-female, uncompromisingly positive folk-rock

Julian Root (& friends)


Shakey Lyman
blues legend

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